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Simple, straightforward marketing support from The Marketing Team, designed to help develop your business – without the burden of additional headcount!

marketing support

Eppie Anderson

In an ideal world, you’d probably employ a specialist on your staff to help you design and implement a marketing and web strategy for your business. However, the reality for most SME’s – especially in today’s climate – is simply that you need to keep your overheads low to stay flexible and keep your competitive edge.

So think of us as an outsourced marketing support department – part of your team whenever you need us, but not an overhead when you don’t. We provide a whole range of marketing strategy and implementation solutionsand work in a huge variety of sectors across Northamptonshire and South Cambridgeshire.

Our combination of senior level commercial and start-up experience gained within UK plc, and our network of established and reliable partners means we can offer a complete range of professional marketing support and communications services at rates you and your business really can afford.

Many of our marketing support services are available either on a project basis or our pay-monthly programmes (with no set up fees), allowing you to be flexible about how and when you invest in effective marketing.

We like to get to know our clients before they spend any money with us – and give them a chance to get to know us – so we offer a free initial consultation, complete with written report and recommendations, completely free and without obligation.

If you’d like to talk to The Marketing Team about how we can help your business get great results from its marketing, call us now on  01832 735082, or e-mail us at